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Ayurvedic Parpati
Ayurvedic Parpati

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Model : Ayurvedic Parpati
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Our company is engaged in manufacture, supply and export of Ayurvedic Parpati. The Ayurvedic Parpati is an excellent formulation prepared using herbs and Ayurvedic medicines. We ensure that the processing and packaging of Ayurvedic Parpati takes place in neat and hygienic conditions. The brilliant formulation of Ayurvedic Parpati imparts it high medicinal properties.



Name of Medicine  Properties and Uses
Bol Parpati Piles, Rktpitt Nask
Loh Parpati Odium asthma
Panchamrit Parpati Diarrhea disease
Ras Parpati Mania, epilepsy, Sngrihni
Shewat Parpati Afara, Asmri
Tamra Parpati Vikarr stomach, diarrhea, splee
Swarn Parpati Enhanced Blrwiy, Dhatuvrdhk
Prandah Parpati Diarrhea, Sngrihni, fever, cough
Mandur Parpati Liver disorder, Mdagni, Sngrihni
Vijay Parpati Spleen disease, diarrhea

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