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Sharbat Prakaran

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Model : Sharbat Prakaran
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Our company is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Sharbat Prakaran. The Sharbat Prakaran is prepared from Ayurvedic medicines and herbs like Pomegranate Srbt, Apple Srbt, Lime Srbt, Blood Sodk Srbt etc. The unique formulation of Sharbat Prakaran helps it to fight diseases like exhaustion, fever, eye redness, metal impairment etc. We ensure that Sharbat Prakaran is packaged in special tamper proof packaging.




Name of Medicine 

Properties and Uses

Anar Sharbat

Grmishamk, exhaustion exterminator, deepan, digestion

Khas Sharbat

Eye redness, irritation, physical and mental exhaustion

Giloy Sharbat

Heart and chest irritation, strangury, fever nask, Watrkt

Gulab Sharbat

Exhaustion, confusion, shilly-shally, irritation of the eyes.

Chandan Sharbat

Muchrchha, in summer the disorder, nose and mouth Khuski, bile disorders.

Nimbu Sharbat

Bile disorder, indisposition, Trishna, Nask Rktdosh.

Bel Sharbat

Piles, mental anguish, diarrhea

Rakt Shodhak Sharbat

Rktdosh, abscesses - pimple, herpes, scabies - scabies, Kusht Nask arthritis.

Apple Sharbat

Mental Ashanti, confusion, mental impairment, depression and exhaustion.

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