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Medicated Ghee
Medicated Ghee

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Model : Medicated Ghee
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No list of Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Medicated Ghee could complete without our company’s name. Medicated Ghee is prepared using ingredients like Arjun melted butter, Asoka melted butter, Panchgavya melted butter, Bladigrit, Catsgrit etc. Our Medicated Ghee helps to curb vaginal pain, constipation, metal weakness, fever etc.

Properties and Uses

  • Gas, constipation
  • Pradrrog, vaginal pain, loss of interest
  • Mental weakness, fever, inflammation
  • Bhagandar, boils – Fnsi
  • Hip pain, insomnia, dizziness
  • Strangury, Rktpitt
  • Anrtvdosh, Virydosh
  • Heart disease, cough, Watrkt
  • Angdah, Yonisul, Sirodah
  • Fever, Shwaskas
  • Leucorrhoea, Bwasi, Rktpitt
  • Recall strength, Mnodosh
  • Nadhiwrd, boil, rash (ointment)
  • Udrsul, swelling, Shwas, decay
  • Night blindness, Rktdusti bleeding


Name of Medicine

  • Arjun Ghee
  • Asok Ghee
  • Kalyan Ghee
  • Kasisadi Ghee
  • Ashwagandhadi Ghee
  • Kamdev Ghee
  • Baladi Ghee
  • Satavari Ghee
  • Chetas Ghee
  • MahaTikat Ghee
  • Brahmi Ghee
  • Jatayadi Ghee
  • Panchgavay Ghee
  • Durvadi Ghee

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